Here is a range of prices for some of our common treatments. We are happy to provide you with a written quote before treatment.

Accounts may be paid off. All payment plans must be arranged before treatment starts.

We take Eftpos, VISA and mastercard and cheque. We also provide WINZ quotes for emergency treatment.

We are approved ACC providers and provide free dental treatment for 13-18yr olds and children under 13yrs who have been referred by their school dental therapist.

Children under 13 years referred from school dental therapist Free
Teenagers 13 -18 years Free
Under 13 years seen as private patients
Exam $75
Fillings $85+
Standard set of X-rays $48
Fluoride Treatments $55
Basic Maintenance
Hygienist (per hour)  $149
Dentist Exam and Hygienist Clean combined (not avail to new patients)  $149
New Patient Exam, Scale and Polish, X-Rays  $149
Silver/Amalgam Fillings (2 surface) $202
White Fillings (2 surface) $242
Gold Filling (weight dependent) $750+
Ceramic Filling $800
Whitening/Bleaching $160+
Composite crowns $400-$450
Ceramic/Metal crowns $1457
Other Common Treatments
Surgical Wisdom tooth extraction $450+
Root Canals $860+