If you hate going to the dentist – youʼre not alone.

We understand some people are extremely anxious about going to the dentist. And sadly, it can prevent people from maintaining a healthy mouth. Please donʼt be embarrassed.

We really want to help. Tell us what you hate most (itʼs OK to say everything!). If we know what your fears are, we can work together to find ways to make you less anxious and more comfortable.

Weʼve found a lot of our patients prefer to “tune us out” so we have a wide selection of music and DVDs to choose from.

Some of our patients prefer us to talk them through procedures so we can explain each step as we go. Sometimes simply counting through a treatment is very helpful, this way itʼs clear how long something is going to take.

Whatever method works best for you weʼll always ask you to let us know if you want us to stop. If youʼre ever uncomfortable, concerned, need to rinse your mouth, or simply need to take a break, just give the pre-arranged sign. We will always stop.


Sometimes people need sedation as well. Every person and situation is different. Weʼre trained to provide sedation and can discuss what will work best for you.